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About Bedrock

Joe DiChiara is an Entrepreneurial CPA that enjoys "Thinking Outside The Box”. He has helped thousands of small business owners start, build and manage their own small business over a 35-year career.

His background has enabled him to combine principles laid out in “The Science of Getting Rich” written by Wallace Wattles and "Think & Grow Rich" accounting practices. His unique program helps entrepreneurs create a solid business foundation and get on track to succeed.

He recently discovered that over 3,000,000 small businesses fail every year and over 25,000,000 sole proprietors are being overtaxed and unfairly targeted by the IRS. Millions of entrepreneurs start businesses each year, unaware of the dangers of operating as a sole proprietor, most times resulting in a 10-year roller coaster ride to eventual business failure and possible bankruptcy. This discovery inspired Joe to develop a simple program to help stem the tide of avoidable small business failures.

Currently, Joe is building an online school for small business owners and software which will help entrepreneurs create the books and records needed to survive any tax audit.

Joe is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author and you can Check Out Joe’s Books on Amazon by clicking here

Joe DiChiara CPA