Joe DiChiara is an “Out of The Box Thinking”, Entrepreneurial CPA that has helped thousands of small business owners start, build and manage their own business. Joe authored "From Myths to Money - How To Turn Old Ideas About Business Failure Into Massive Success" and became a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author with "The Itty Bitty Book About Bookkeeping".

Joe's background includes working with thousands of small business owners from their initial startup idea to setting up sophisticated accounting systems. In 2003 Joe created an online accounting system which enabled him to connect with entrepreneurs and staff members in real-time, from anywhere in the world reducing the time and expense of running his business by over 60%. Structuring his system according to the lifestyle he envisioned proved that even an accountant can go on vacation during tax season. Joe believes strongly, that anyone, with the right mindset, can employ the same principles to achieve their own success.

Joe is a small business owner himself and believes that If entrepreneurs followed a few simple principles the rate of business failures would decrease substantially. He has made it his mission to help educate and inform millions of business owners on how to start, build and manage their own business successfully. His latest project, includes free courses, tools and resources for small business owners and potential entrepreneurs with passion and purpose.

Joe provides startup guidance to new entrepreneurs, individuals thinking about starting a business and established business owners seeking growth and cutting edge business strategies. He offers a complete suite of business services including corporate set up and dissolution, bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, insurance audits, IRS/State tax representation issues, accounting system setup as well as business mentoring and coaching.

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