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How to do business

business strategy

Many entrepreneurs are so busy and focused on “stuff” and “the details” of the business they forget that businesses require processes and routines that ensure stability and growth. Thought must be given to your company’s principles and practices before you try to do to much. It takes time initially to set your business up and…

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How to start a business

Start a Business

When does the business start? “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill purposely left out a key component in the pursuit of success. The title could have been “Think, Take Action and Grow Rich” because that’s all you really need to do, take action. Once you take action and consummate a transaction, you are technically “in…

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Speed Bumps, Potholes & Other Government Hazards

Business Compliance

Business Compliance Issues – You did what?  It’s easy to start off wrong. A quick glance at any of the Federal, State or Local laws regulating business will show you why. Most of the instructions are complicated because they try to cover every situation. Knowing which laws apply to you is the first challenge. It’s…

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Small Business Success Fundamentals

Small Business Success

If your in a startup business it’s important to develop healthy principles to help guide you and your business right from the start. Details seem to work themselves out. Focus, productive habits and going the extra mile are a few of the principles Napoleon Hill identified identified as business success principles. Having a definite objective…

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