“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” James Cash Penney, Founder of JC Penney

How do you build?

Strong businesses are built on foundations made of bedrock. Marketing and sales is just the start. What if your marketing works? Are you structured to handle the steady stream of new business your aiming for?


When QuickBooks first came out I had a small, part-time practice. I worked “Per Diem” for several firms while I tried to build my business. I put a small ad in a newspaper that said “QuickBooks Setup & Training”. My phone was ringing off the hook and six months later I had a big office with 3 full-time employees. My dream of building a big accounting practice was in full swing. Then the cracks started to appear. I wasn’t able to follow up on all of the calls I was getting. The leads I always thought I needed were going unanswered. My existing clients were getting annoyed because I was sending new, untrained staff. The untrained staff were making mistakes, a lot of mistakes that took me more time to fix than if I had done the work myself. Now I was losing big clients and still had the staff to pay plus a big office and equipment leases. I was imploding. Getting all that business all at once turned out to be a disaster. I wanted out bad so I sold my practice, tried a few other things and eventually built a new practice. That expensive, painful lesson taught me that it wasn’t all about marketing and sales. I was great at getting business but I wasn’t great at keeping it. I had to learn how to build a business.


Business is fluid meaning that it never stops or even slows down. Technology, methods, platforms….Marketing and sales are a mystery to most. My Bedrock System takes the mystery out of it.

Building your business can be broken down into three simple steps:

- Define Your Audience

- Create Your Message

- Design and Implement Your Plan

And once you start to build it you need to know how to Manage it.

I will help you create your own blueprint for building a business built on bedrock. Let’s chat!

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