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The 3 Easiest Ways to Start a New Business Succesfully


Starting a small business should be easy. It seems overly complicated for new entrepreneurs to successfully launch a new business. The truth is that over 98% of new businesses fail within 10 years. If you want to know how to be in the 2% that succeed here are the 3 easiest ways.

Easy Way #1


Easy Way #2


Easy Way #3


Actually I decided to record a video about it instead.

Mr. DiChiara has worked with thousands of small business owners over a 35-year career as a CPA and small business advisor. He became friends with many of them and knew their families well. Unfortunately, he watched a vast majority of them struggle with many barely surviving and a lot losing everything. Joe believes that much of the pain and suffering small business owners and their families experience is avoidable.

Joe's 1st business was driving an ice cream truck the semester before graduating with his accounting degree. He treated it like a real business keeping books and records, planning out his route, expanding into wholesale...It was easy and Joe believed it would always be easy. He was on his way to success!

Then, 6 months into his accounting career he felt like his whole world was collapsing. Joe received a notice from The NYS Department of Finance with a big red stamp that said TAX WARRANT. What did he do? How would he ever become a CPA with this on his record? Luckily Joe was surrounded by CPA's and it turned out to be a simple fix but that feeling of helplessness he experienced spurred him to spend many years trying to help his clients avoid that type of needless pain and suffering by providing hands-on guidance and support.

Now, Joe is going beyond helping only his clients with and other exciting low and no-cost tools and information to help new business owners Start, Build and Manage their own small business successfully.

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