Are You Ready to Become an Entrepreneur?

What is an Entrepreneur and why is it important? Because Entrepreneurs change the world! We (I say we because I proudly admit that I am an Entrepreneur) take chances that defy logic (See Thomas Edison) risk life savings, make fortunes, go bankrupt multiple times only to become Rich. We go through devastating tragedies and push forward no matter what. Unfortunately, those of us that persevere are few and far between because of situations that are avoidable.

When an entrepreneur or an inventor has an idea and takes any kind of physical action a Sole Proprietorship is born. They are what the USA Small Business Administration call "non-employer firm", "solo-preneurs", solepreneurs, sole-proprietors, or simply sole proprietors.


This is the absolutely the worst way to do business hands down without a doubt! If you have any questions simply check out