Entry Formation

Here at Bedrock Business Builders of New York, Joe DiChiara CPA has worked with many of our clients that are new small business owners. Judging from our business name, you could assume it is a specialty. As an aspiring business owner, there are a few basic steps that you must go through to be able to form your organization. With our knowledge and expertise, we will be able to help walk you through each step in forming a business organization, whether it be a sole proprietorship or something more complicated like a multi-owner Corporation.
First thing first, have you already come up with a name for your business? You may feel this is a silly question, however, for some, it is not the first thing that they think about when starting their business. To file the paperwork for your entity formation you will need one.
The second step is to determine which legal structure you will use. The four main types of business formations are; Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, and a Business Corporation. This part can be a bit confusing, but it is nothing that Joe can’t handle. There are several factors to consider before choosing a legal structure. Such as, how many owners are there? What liability protection is needed, what will the tax implications look like, and that is just the beginning. You will also have to keep in mind any investors, state and local laws, as well as your business activities when deciding on which legal structure you will select.
Once Bedrock Business Builders has helped you select a legal structure, there needs to be a discussion about location. Do you plan to have a brick-and-mortar location that your patrons can visit? Or perhaps your business is strictly online? The rules and regulations are different for both. A physical location may also require additional fees for business licenses, permits, and even zoning clearances. Having an expert on your side will help to ensure that there are no surprises.
Next, you can file with your state and register your business. Depending on your type of business and where it is located, this process will vary. As a client of Bedrock Business Builders, you will be putting your trust into the right hands. You will have the confidence knowing that every “i” was dotted and every “t” crossed to make the process as streamlined as possible.
Once your paperwork has been processed and approved, our next step will be to set up an appointment to go over your goals, tax planning, and creating a strategy that will yield the most return on your investment. When you have Bedrock Business Builders in your corner, you will not only have access to the most talented CPA in New York, but you will have someone that will work with you from the initial entity formation until the day you sell your first business to move on to the next.
Joe DiChaira CPA is waiting for you to call and set up your free 20-minute consultation. Don’t risk making a mistake in the early stages of forming your business. Be proactive and set up a time to speak to a professional who will help you find the best possible options for you.