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A very simple concept that actually took me years to fully understand. Years because nobody ever really explained to me how I could apply it to my business. My objective is to explain it in very simple terms, so you can not only understand it, but can start implementing it immediately.

Here’s how it works. You attract a constant stream of qualified prospects into the top of your funnel. Your marketing actions will guide the prospects down the funnel with each rung requiring a higher level of commitment on the part of the prospect. Executed properly, the system will lead your ideal prospect down the funnel to the end, your Bread & Butter product.

Your marketing should start at the bottom, where you have identified your best client buying your most profitable product. The bottom is the goal and the prospects you bring into the top of the funnel are the ones you target to bring to the bottom. Why waste time on targeting people that you already established would not be a good fit for you. Qualify and attract the best prospects, the potential 5 star clients and tart “Funneling” them in.


The top of the sales funnel represents the Attractor Factor. What’s going to catch their attention and want a taste of you before committing any time or money. The easiest way to attract them into your funnel is to offer them something of value, free of charge, like an e-pub or a free gift. Don’t use a free consultation as your freebie, everyone does, so it doesn’t really count. Have you ever seen anyone charge for an initial consultation, other than doctors?

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
      – Yogi Berra