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One of the most effective ways you can ensure that you do business with the right people is to decide who they are beforehand. Create a client profile. I did a census of my clients over fifteen years ago. I wanted to understand who my best clients were and the results were surprising, but true. It turned out that my best clients were men, married for 10 years or less and had young children. When I thought about it, the information made perfect sense.

You see, people that have young children start looking at things differently. They want to make sure that, they are doing things right and that their business is successful. Their spouse is a motivating factor and want them and the business to succeed as well. It’s extremely important to have the complete support from the people around you.

Create a Client Avatar. Learn as much about them as you possible can. Dig deep, so deep that you know the words they use, where they eat, what books and movies they enjoy, how many children and grandchildren they have…. The more you learn about your prospect the more likely you will be to connect with them.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
                                         – Mahatma Gandhi