Small Business Tax Planning Services

As a small business owner, if you haven’t already put a strategy into place for your taxes, you are already behind schedule. Didn’t realize you needed a tax strategy? Don’t worry. Joe DiChiara CPA with Bedrock Business Builders is just a call away to get you back on the right track.
Every business owner should already have a tax plan in place before being months into the new year, and there are a few basics you need to know before we can create a strategy that will work best for you. Do you already have a filling system in place? Instead of having a folder in your filing cabinet containing loose receipts, invoices, bills, etc., it would probably be best to have something more organized. Whatever the state of your current filing system at Bedrock Business Builders of New York, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all of your small business tax planning needs. Bring in what you have, and we will work through it together.
During your appointment, we will talk you through the process of creating a tax strategy for your business. Whether you are a solopreneur or are a much larger entity such as a corporation, there is no project we can’t tackle. Joe DiChiara CPA will go over what tax treatment will apply to you and make sure you have a working understanding of tax deduction requirements. Afterwhich, he will evaluate available tax deductions to build a strategy that will best work for you and your business.
Most business owners, more than likely, are already familiar with the standard deductions they can take. But are you knowledgeable of all the most up-to-date laws, regulations, and possible tax credits that may be available to you? As a small business owner, it can be challenging to keep up with these yourself. Did you know if you received an SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan, there is a chance it could be forgiven? Let us take some of the burden off your hands by having an expert in your corner to ensure that you can take advantage of every opportunity there may be to save you money!
There is no stone that we leave unturned at Bedrock Business Builders when working with our clients. For example, do you have a savings account for a rainy day? If so, did you go with a standard bank savings account or a traditional IRA? The difference is in the interest. If you are using a standard savings account, you have to claim the interest you made as income. By depositing savings into a traditional IRA instead, you can avoid paying taxes on the interest each year. Small changes such as this can have a positive impact on your taxes.
Be proactive! As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is wait until December before thinking about taxes. Call and schedule a complimentary 20-minute call with Joe DiChiara CPA of Bedrock Business Builders today! There is no time like the present to take action. We have the best small business tax planning services available in New York, and we want the opportunity to prove it to you!