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Why Start a Business? Edit


Objective – Starting just about anything with an objective is of tantamount importance if you want to increase your chances of success. Understanding not only what you’re doing but why you’re doing it can make all the difference between failure and success. All too often I’ve seen people start businesses for the wrong reason or…

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Learn The Best Way to Organize Your Business, Protect Your Assets and Minimize Your Taxes Avoid The Pains and Pitfalls Of Choosing The Wrong Business Structure It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs that start a new business, to choose to or inadvertently operate under the wrong type of legal structure. It can cost the business owner…

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How To Increase Your Chances of Success Edit

Successful Small Business

Having a small business requires a certain mindset exercise. Napoleon Hill proved that with “Think and Grow Rich” which has most likely created directly or indirectly millions of multi-millionaires and many billionaires. If you already understand the “Mindset” part of the business you probably don’t need any motivation in investing the time and effort required…

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Most New Businesses Fail-Reasons & Solutions Edit

Businesses Fail Reasons

In a study by Statistic Brain, Startup Business Failure Rate by Industry, the failure rate of all U.S. companies after five years was over 50 percent, and over 70 percent after 10 years. Feb 18, 2017  What is the Small Business Failure Rate? There are all kinds of statistics out there on new business failures.…

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