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I was blessed to meet Joe. For years I used the services of other CPAs to take care of my income taxes. It was always a time of major anxiety, something I dreaded every year. When I met Joe, he put me at ease immediately, explaining what was needed in his calm and easy manner.  Now for the first time, income tax was painless.  

Joe has also been helpful by assisting me to build my small business to a new level.  I had so much to learn and Joe takes time to explain what I need to do. With his guidance and confidence, I am sure to be successful.  Thanks Joe for all you do!  

Carolyn Delafrange

These are a few of my past and present clients that were kind enough to provide written and verbal testimonials. All of these people touched my life in one way or another, some became close friends, some are no longer in business and some passed on. One of my 1st clients passed away in 2014. Anthony Terzo the owner of Anthony Home Development Co. recorded a testimonial for me. I watched his kids grow up and have kids. My friend Bob Goldman from JM Tools Inc. once helped get me to an emergency room because he was close by and I knew he would help me. For me their testimonials validate the fact that business is not all about $$$. I've learned from all of them that Zig Ziglar was correct when he said "You can get anything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want". I'm sticking with that philosophy.  Joe DiChiara