Yes, I Want My Own Business!

Starting a business can be extremely complicated and frustrating without the right guidance and direction.

If you are thinking about starting a business enthusiastic energy and optimism may be running through your blood and thats fantastic. Most new business owners soon find out the stark reality that it’s not as easy as they thought it would be.

I had that experience when first getting into accounting. I did’nt know what I did’nt know and recieved a letter from The NYS Tax Department with a BIG RED stricker TAX WARRANT! I spent 3 sleepless nights wondering what I did and and if I would ever get my CPA license.

Luckily I realized I was working in a CPA firm and asked, with embarrasment what I had done. It was a simple fix and I was not facing jail time. From that moment on I’ve worked with thousands of navigating the incredibly complicate maze of business ownership.

I know exactly how much fear anxiety a simple letter can produce let alone all of the other complication and confusion that comes with being in business.

I can make it simple to understand and show you exactly what your next steps should be. Connect with me for a free 15 minute strategy session and I gaurantee you’ll feel relieved and energized knowing your on the right track.



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